Artist review for ToxicWaste

This is a review for the artist @doublytoxicwaste

I commissioned him to draw my characters. It took about a week. He was willing to make the little tweaks in the details as much as I wanted and was overall very nice ^_^

What I asked for/context:

A scene in which the girl is drawing an image on the guy’s belly saying “I like…” followed by a sketch of a penis. xD This was meant to show the girl’s silly side because this is the kind of thing she would do to her cousin/lover if she ever found him asleep. Why? Because this is her cruel sense of humor. (it’s permanent marker and she knows his comrades will see this in the men’s showers or something…)

ToxicWaste did a great job and I really love the cute style of his art. He’s very accommodating and easy to communicate with. The drawing makes me smile. Thanks, dude! ❤ You can find his deviantart page here.

S and C prank

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