~Unconditional Love~

I know what Unconditional Love is because my lesbian girlfriend promised me that if there is a Heaven (not the Christian heaven, I don’t want to go there even if I could… but just some kind of heaven) and I finally get what I want (to be a biological guy) she would still love me. That is the only thing on the face of this earth that can make me feel loved… that promise.

I believe that what you WANT is as much a part of who you are as what you actually have.

All these transphobic hypocrites.. I’d love to see how they act if they have the ability to actually CHOOSE.. to choose their body, choose their life, choose their family, their friends, their surroundings. The problem with this dumb world is that people don’t give each other the full range of options from which to choose.. and that’s sad. Because when you live and think like that, all you’ll ever know is Conditional love. It’s nothing compared to the real thing.


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